If you have cleared all major debt and have some disposable monies, you can start to think about investments. There are many types of investment to choose from, some of which carry higher risk than others, which makes it very important we connect you with the right advisor. You can choose from:

– Individual Savings Account (ISA)
– Endowment policies
– Investment bonds
– Corporate bonds
– Property and property funds
– Equities funds

– Stocks and Shares
– Bonds
– Property

– Junior ISA
– Child tax-free savings accounts
– NS&I children’s bonus bonds

There are different options for every investment, so please contact us with your enquiry so we can connect you with right person.


The value of your investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise, you may get back less than you invested.


How is my Investment Performing?

Do you already have an Investment running? Do you know how if your investment is performing well enough? Speak with us and one of our connections can do a review to analyse what you have, and what alternatives are out there. If your investment is doing its job, our connection will tell you to leave your investment where it is, we make sure you are always in contact with the most ethical people we know.


Investment goals and risk

If you get an investment you should always have a goal for it. Please speak with us with what your goals are.

Investments should be considered for at least five years the minimum you should be looking to invest for. This is because investing comes with a certain risk. There is always the risk that your money could be worth less than what you have committed to the investment on its maturity.